Mackenzie Park Islamic Centre

The Trust will, Insha-Allah, be embarking on an Islamic Project to serve the growing communities of the Greater Mackenzie Park areas. These communities include Mackenzie Park, Mackenzie Park Ext. 1, Mackenzie Park North and Dewald Hattingh Park.

Madressa Facility

There is an immediate need for a Madressa facility for our children. This will be a great investment for our future generation and all of mankind.

Currently, Madressa classes are conducted by the Mackenzie Park Muslim Jamaat from the old Musallah in Spreeu Street. The number of learners in the Madressa have increased substantially, and hence the need for a bigger facility.


The proposed project, will Insha-Allah, also include the building of a Masjid that will create easy access for the Grater Mackenzie Park communities. Easy accessibility is of paramount importance, as the different areas are being boomed off for security reasons. The current Masjid in Mackenzie Park, Masjid Umar Faarooq is located approximately 1.2 KM’s away from this site, near Coucal Street, next to the Benoni Muslim School. The Masjid caters for approximately 600 musallees. 

Islamic Centre

The project will, Insha-Allah, provide a better Islamic environment for our youth and kids spiritual development and for Dawa’h activities.

The Islamic Centre will, Insha-Allah, be utilized by the Greater Mackenzie Park communities to carry out Islamic programs and projects within the guidelines of the Quran and the Sunnah of our Prophet Rasulullaah Sallallahu-Alayhi-Wa-Sallam.

The Trust is raising funds since it cannot do it alone. This fundraising serves as Sadaqat Jariyyat (Continuous Charity) for those who support the cause of Allah (SWT) and we want everyone to benefit from this opportunity. We are relying on your donation for this project to be successful. You will be rewarded Insha-Allah for any contribution you make towards this effort.

Please click on the link for donation options and our banking details