Building Project

The Building Project will, Insha-Allah be completed in three Phases.


Phase 1

The Madressa will, Insha-Allah, be built on the first floor of the Masjid complex on the eastern side of the property. There are two staircases leading to the Boys and Girls classrooms, comprising of 10 classrooms. Access for boys to the masjid area from upstairs has been provided. The Madressa has its own separate ablution facilities for Boys and Girls.

The ground floor comprises of the Masjid and 4 Hifz classes. The Masjid caters for approximately 200 musallees. Approximately 200 musallees can be accommodated in the Sahn and Courtyard areas.

Phase 2

Insha-Allah, we intend to build two accommodation units (Upstairs and Downstairs) on the western side of the property, adjacent to the Mackenzie Park Shopping Centre.

Phase 3

Insha-Allah, we intend to build six additional classrooms (Upstairs and Downstairs) between the Masjid and the Accommodation areas of the property (Middle Area).


The Trust is raising funds since it cannot do it alone. This fundraising serves as Sadaqat Jariyyat (Continuous Charity) for those who support the cause of Allah (SWT) and we want everyone to benefit from this opportunity. We are relying on your donation for this project to be successful. You will be rewarded Insha-Allah for any contribution you make towards this effort. 

Please click on the link for donation options and our banking details





Al-Hamdullilah, the following was completed in 2016:

1. Site Development Plan was approved by the Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality.

2. Site clearing began.

3. The temporary perimeter palisade fencing was completed.

4. Face bricks for the project was delivered.

5. Borehole drilling and installation was completed.